Wednesday, July 7, 2021 - 20:30 to 22:00

In 1910, Django Reinhardt, a gypsy guitarist, was born in a small town in Belgium
considered by many the creator of jazz manouche or gipsy jazz. Twelve years later, in the year
1922, the African-American saxophonist Illinois Jacquet was born in Louisiana, perhaps the first reference
Honk sound. Can we imagine what would have happened if these two musicians had
had the opportunity to share the stage?
Albert Bello and Big Dani Pérez, two of the referents of these styles in our country, propose us
enter this adventure with a repertoire that allows mixing these two
sonorities. A quintet on stage, an unprecedented concert and a risky musical encounter that
will fascinate.

The quintet's artistic team is made up of 5 musicians:
Big Dani Pérez, sax
Albert Bello, lead guitar
Oriol Saña, violin
Claudio Lázaro, rhythm guitar
Camil Arcarazo, rhythm guitar
Joan Motera, double bass

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