DANI NEL·LO "Los Saxofonistas Salvajes"

Friday, July 9, 2021 - 20:30 to 22:00

After a successful tour of Dani Nel lo i 'Els Saxofonistes Salvatges', the musician and composer presents the continuation of this adventure, which vindicates the role of l'saxofon dins of popular music in the Seve facet more visceral and subversive. A 'Els Saxophonistes Salvatges 2', carries the seva musical proposal more enllà de l'homenatge: Nel·lo explores the existence of the saxophonist Salvatge and finds himself in it to develop the seva own veu.
Dani Nel·lo s'acompanya to 'Los Saxofonistes Salvatges 2' of the mateixa sextet of musics that have treballed with them from the start of el projecte, an all-star band that unites some of the million rhythm and blues musics, jazz and rock 'n'roll from the state scene. Aquest nou repertoire ofereix dotze gemmes in the tradition of salvatge l'saxofonismo, a tradition that Nel·lo understands as a chain of musics that rents in the 50s and of which the mateix is ​​a contemporary leatherback.

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