Friday, July 2, 2021 - 20:30 to 22:00

Flamingo Tours begins to take its first steps in 2012 with a residency at the Sidecar room, where they present their first creations. The first album of the group was Right on time, published in 2016, in which they already gathered a good part of the sounds of the 50s that they like so much, a cocktail of references to popular music from the United States before the sweeping arrival of pop that goes from rockabilly to rock and roll, from surf sounds to the depth of blues.

Led by Myriam Swanson, the band released a first LP in 2016, filled with rhythm’n’blues of cavernous exoticism, deep soul, frenetic surfing, and fast-paced rockabilly.

The second album by Flamingo Tours lands on the Mexican border after the trip of their first Right on Time where the band's vocation for travelers and hustlers was seen. A door to the worlds that are beginning to appear now in this work. LUCHA LIBRE is an album with few concessions to innocence and that runs through the deep veins of rock n 'roll with a woman's face, the swamps of blues, old soul, Tex-Mex cuisine and a little bit of satanspell and rhythm. n blues. American roots, hillbilly love, New Mexico deserts and the frontiers of fur. Gringo music but this time with chillies.

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