Thursday, July 8, 2021 - 20:30 to 22:00

Koko-Jean & The Tonics were founded by vocalist and soul shaker Ms. Koko-Jean Davis in 2014. It was an intense adventure: they fell in love, they made music, they rocked the scenarios, they took a break, and now, just at the right time, they went back to reunite to give birth to their first musical creature in the form of an EP dubbed
Hairwhip. This four-track work has the sole purpose of showing some of the hits billed by the band that have made their fans jump and scream at their concerts until the date. Miss Koko-Jean, the admired and cheeky soul singer recognized for her 10 years of career with his former rhythm and soul band The Excitements, is back with new ammo, The Tonics! Although comparisons with his former group are unavoidable, he The first thing you will notice in his new journey is a more spontaneous approach to his songs, while maintaining the rawness of the black music that we like so much. Is it soul? Is it blues? Is it rhythm and blues? Is it rock'n'roll? It's everything! Koko-Jean & The Tonics have unleashed from all the music labels that we try to pigeonhole bands to just do what they do best: make you sing and shake your butt. The sound is fresh, exciting, and defined by an undeniable musical chemistry with his new classmates; musicians capable of shining on their own. But the secrets embedded in the grooves of this EP are there for you to discover, the listener. So sorry, no spoilers. The time has come for you to stop reading, put on your new EP, turn up the volume and we show what you are capable of dancing to the rhythm of Hairwhip.
‘Bus Stop’:
Love can be found in the most unexpected places when you least expect it, truth? ‘Bus Stop’ draws one of these situations, and makes us relive that first encounter, innocent, but rebellious, of two crazy lovers. Like the story it tells, this Energetic single from Koko-Jean & The Tonics rides you on a wild roller coaster with Koko's trademark obscenely soulful vocals, dynamic guitar chords and a Hammond with a lot of class. It's an R&B stampede with catchy lyrics that will make you shake your head and air guitar as you walk the streets to your bus stop with grace and determination.

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