New 2021 Edition!

We already have here the 19th edition of Barcelona Blues Festival for this 2021!

This year's edition is twinned with the previous one, both in image and in the effort and enthusiasm we have put into being able to carry it out.

The great date of the city for lovers of music of Afro-American roots returns one more year despite all the evils that, surely, will soon cease to plague us. However, as of June 1, the conditions, for those of us who flatly distance ourselves from the idea of ​​Macro - Tourist Festival, it seems that they will not vary too much with respect to the previous year, the capacity is again limited to 250 people with visibility and distance Social. That is why this year the festival will have to include a ticket again after 17 free editions.

In return, this year we are going to double our efforts to reward all your support by increasing the format of the bands and ensuring a unique show and twice as powerful as the previous edition. We will be constantly updating this month of June with all of you to give you all the necessary information so that you can enjoy our event safely