The Ramblers (BCN)

Saturday, July 13, 2019 - 23:15

The Ramblers is a group created in 2017. Its creators have a long career in groups such as The Mambo Jambo and A Contra Blues and, therefore, extensive experience in the hot and captivating sounds of rhythm and blues. Composed of some of the most sought after members of the scene, a selection of authentic figures and contrasted instrumentalists, its five founding musicians are drummer Anton Jarl, bassist Matias Miguez, keyboardist Fernando Tejero, guitarist Héctor Martín and singer Jonathan Herrero . After recording their first EP, "Let it go", with four songs of their own and one version, they now present their first full LP of compositions that, despite being anchored in the musical tradition, have a strong identity that dazzles and attracts from the first note. But, if their sound was already spectacular, they decided to expand the band with a thunderous section of horns that includes the great Pol Prats on the saxophones and the eminence trumpet, David Pastor. It's hard to imagine a more powerful festival finale!