¡20 years of Barcelona Blues Festival!


In the year 2003, two friends, in the middle of a concert hangover and hit by the power of a music that they had not yet fully understood, made the decision, without any prior planning, that they would hold a Festival of Blues (the music most forgotten by the media) in his neighborhood (one of the most forgotten areas of Barcelona).

These two people, without belonging to the wealthy bourgeoisie of the city (which has always monopolized the great cultural events in Barcelona) contacted front-line musicians of the genre and convinced them of what they themselves could not believe: that a new main Festival was born in the city and that it would be held in La Prosperidad.

Without capital, without experience, without even the support of the administration in its first edition, they went door to door knocking on small businesses, associations
and neighborhood entities to be able to cover the costs of the project... and, thanks to the strength of their conviction and the solidarity of the residents of La Prosperitat, they succeeded.

This small miracle took place in September 2003. The Blues Festival of reference in the city was born, without the sponsorship of the media, or the tutelage of the gurus of cultural programming, without the support of the administration or the approval of the great music industry.

This year 2022 marks twenty years of this first Festival. The project has grown and developed. It has been projected in the rest of the city and has reached milestones that we would never have dreamed of achieving. We have seen municipal governments of all stripes come and go. They are no longer here and the same thing will happen to the current ones, but we will still be here.

We have nothing but words of thanks for helping us get this far along the way. Without all of you it would have been impossible.

We are waiting for you this year to celebrate the XX Barcelona Blues Festival!